1/7/2018, Open Letter

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Hey all!
Welcome back to my blog for another weekly open letter.
As some of my readers might know, university started back up for me this past week! And boy, has it been an overwhelming start.
I took a break from doing research for about a year, and I’m back in a lab to start my honor’s thesis for my major. I’m absolutely loving the work I’m doing so far, but it’s all so new for me! I think things will get better as I move forward, though. The other thing that made the start of this quarter overwhelming is that it started right in the middle of the week- it was far too sudden for me!
But so far, I’ve been loving all of my classes and activities, and though I’m stressed, I’m not stressed up to the point that I’m going crazy- hopefully I’ll never get there and this quarter will go smoothly! I always tell myself when I feel like this that you just have to do what you have to do- just make sure you make everything worthwhile, and know when to make compromises, and what to compromise. Everything just takes good planning, and that’s just what I have to work on this quarter, because I truly do love everything I’m doing!
Another thing that I’ve been working on all week is the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Honestly, this has done wonders in terms of connecting me to other bloggers and allowing me to see what other people love to write about! One thing that I found because of that this week is this website that allows you to write a letter to yourself in the future! I’ve decided that I’m going to do one soon. It would be so interesting to see then what you were like a couple of years ago, and where you have gone from there!
Next week, I’ll also be posting my first guest blog post! A fellow blogger that I met, after starting to blog and joining blogging groups named Mindy will be joining me for that post, so keep a look out for that! This is a link to Mindy’s blog, so you can check that out as well!
My next weekly post was going to be the first one for my comfort food series, but because the start of this quarter has not been going very smoothly for me, I’m postponing that for a couple more weeks.
I don’t have all that much to say this week, but I’ll end this letter on a more positive note than talking about how stressed I am right now! I sincerely hope that everyone’s first week of the year has been joyous, productive, positive, and everything else they wanted it to be. I hope that it’s been off to a good start. If anyone else is stressed at the beginning of whatever they are taking on right now, here are some pro-tips for getting yourself through it!

  • Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself “I can, and I will”- this is something that helped Gina Rodriguez become the amazing person that she is
  • Give yourself periodic breaks to do something that you enjoy, whether it is blogging, reading, coloring, having coffee or tea or hot cocoa or your choice of food or bev with a friend
  • Give yourself small things to look forward to: seeing sunshine, taking a nap, going for a short walk, or even a hike, doing a little shopping, whatever you like to do to help you feel great about yourself.

The key to doing any of these things is making time to do it- all of these small things areĀ just asĀ important as your daily duties. Don’t forget about them!
Sending hugs your way,