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12/3, Open Letter

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Hey loves,
Happy first week of December. As I’m writing this letter to you after sort of a hard week, but at the end of which there was a happy, hopeful twist. I guess that’s why I’m adding a picture of this beautiful Christmas tree from a local cafe. Like I mentioned in my last letter, I didn’t grow up Christian, but that didn’t stop me from loving the sight of a Christmas tree. I’m not sure what these trees symbolize to Christians, but to me they symbolize hope. Hope for joy, for surprises, and for peace- exactly what everyone needs at this time of the year.
The first week of December is commonly known as “Dead Week” at my University; it’s the week before finals. Dorms usually enforce quiet hours more strictly or for longer periods of time. The main undergraduate library is open 24/7 so that people can hit the books. What makes this particular Dead Week worse than others in other quarters is that its the week before Christmas break! So while its so tempting to ditch the books and notes and go celebrate with friends and family… we can’t. Because grades.
But I always like to give myself something to look forward to at the end of every week. In the case of this week, that would be finishing off my job interview that is at the end of this week. I have a good feeling about this one- I feel hopeful! Most of this week that isn’t spent studying is going to be spent preparing for that one. But I guess I’ll be able to let you know in my next letter how that goes.
A lot of my free time will also be spent scrolling through pinterest! I mentioned in my last letter that I’d be making most of my holiday presents this year, and I know now exactly what I’m going to make. It’s going to be a surprise… everyone is getting a variety of the same thing, and I so badly want to tell everyone what that is but I’ve never been capable of keeping this a surprise except for that one time I surprised my sister for our birthday (we’re twins) so I really REALLY am going to try to keep this one a secret. But I can’t wait to show you guys once the surprise is revealed!
After this week is over, I have two weeks of sleeping in, baking cookies, catching up with friends and driving around to see Christmas lights! Until then, I just have to get through my interview and my finals.
To close my letter, for everyone who has finals after this next week (and is also experiencing Dead Week)… you got this. To paraphrase some of my friends on many occasions when I’ve been worried about tests, projects and life in general, you can get halfway to success at least if you believe you can do it.
As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a few minutes out of your day to read this! If you want to write back, you can email me at OR fill out this contact form! It’s always great to hear back from you all as well.
Lots of love,

I'm currently a undergraduate student at the University of Washington. I'm passionate about mental health and dedicated to the cause of improving mental health outcomes. Besides blogging, I love cooking, spending time with friends and family, traveling, trying DIY projects and finding good deals.

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