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UBC Post #1- Finding Your Crowd

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Hey everyone!
In the month of January, I’m going to try to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’d heard from other bloggers that participating in blog challenges was a great way to meet other bloggers, and I’m so glad I took their advice to try out this blog challenge! I’ve come across so many other great bloggers as well! If you are reading this, are not currently also part of the blog challenge but are interested in participating, comment down below! I’ll be able to give you info for it so you can try it out in the future.
These 31 posts are going to be short daily reflections. Today, I want to reflect on this concept of finding your crowd.
Your “crowd” is the group of people who will have your back, through thick or thin. Your crowd might be 1 person, or it might be 100 people, but in the end, they are the people who have importance for you, and who you hold close to your heart as well. However, sometimes our crowds shrink, and while this is no doubt heart-breaking, it can also be a good thing.
Sometimes, we give our hearts and hopes to the wrong people, and we trust them to take care of us, and they show us that, unless there is something in it for them, they won’t. We get betrayed, we get our feelings hurt and our hearts broken, and even though our former crowd members make it clear they want nothing to do with us, we continue to hold out for them. We wonder what we did wrong, where things changed, and we spend all of our time thinking about this and trying to pin point the exact moment when they stopped caring about us, or whether they cared about us at all.
This can be hard for bloggers, too. Bloggers find their crowd by writing posts, and reading other bloggers’ posts, and following others, and getting reciprocate follows. Mostly, this works, and many bloggers are able to successfully grow their crowd, made up of people who care about the same things.
This works, until it doesn’t. Trying to grow your crowd doesn’t work with those who try to make it a game, and who try to win that game. Who only value people while people serve them a purpose. Who will expect you to be part of their crowd but won’t put any effort into being a part of yours. I know the tone of my writing sounds resentful here, and that’s because anyone who has experienced abuse knows that it’s hard not to be resentful to that.
But that resentment is a big part of the reason why I stopped just blogging and started writing letters through my blogs- I realized that, as a blogger, it’s important to tie people close to you. Show them who you really are, and be as explicit and honest as you can be. I realized that the easiest way to build a crowd, both in blogging and in life, is to be as relatable as possible! You’ll find people who cry and laugh about your mistakes right along with you. You don’t try to win, you don’t try to push people down and show them how much better and more likeable you are. You sit down with your crowd and show them you are right there with them.
That’s all for today’s post- tell me what you think!
Sending you warmth and joy on the first day of the year,

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