Rise: step up for mental health

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In the summer of 2018, I started my first podcast. I asked individuals to share some mental health experiences that they felt were significant to talk about and for others to hear about. In doing so, I received a phenomenal response, and had the opportunity to connect with some really special individuals. At this point in time, I’ve decided not to continue with this podcast, but podcasting is definitely a project I hope to come back to in the future. For now, you can read about Rise here.

This is one conversation everyone should have a voice in

We are all people. We all have minds. Therefore, we all have to take care of our mental health. This is a concept that is not recognized nearly enough. 

In creating Rise: Step Up for Mental Health, I’m defining mental health as broadly as I can. In this context, mental health has to do with how you feel, and how this influences the way that you live your life. It’s not just about mental illness; it’s not just about facing anxiety, depression, stress, among other things. Having good mental health means being able to live your life most authentically.

My Mental Health Story

I blog about mental health in order to explore and grow my own unique perspective on it. The more I wrote and the more posts I published, the more I realize that every aspect of my life is affected by my mental well-being. I’ve suffered from mild anxiety from a very early age. From my earliest memories, it has impacted the way that I think about myself. It has also impacted the way I interact with other people. My anxiety never causes enough dysfunction for me to worry about it. But looking back, I know that if I’d learned from an early age to be conscious about my mental health, maybe I could have started being more reflective about it from early on.

My Goal

In the process of growing as a blogger, I’ve realized that talking about mental health means both having an opportunity to learn about others, and learning how to be more empathetic. It has meant becoming more mindful of all of the things that influence not only my mental health, but the mental health of every single other person around me- the media, cultural and racial differences, the environment, sexism, just to name a few. I believe that being mindful of these things is the first step to cultivating better mental health. My goal with this podcast is to provide valuable conversation on all of these different topics in order to coach my listeners to do the same.