exploring Seattle one mug at a time: Chocolati in Wallingford

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For the last four years I’ve been lucky enough to call Seattle my home. Before I lived here while attending school, Federal Way, WA was my home. Before I knew what a home even was, my home was in Austin, Texas. All of these years, I haven’t taken much initiative in exploring all of these places I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in at some point in my life. So in an effort make the most of these last few months I have left in Seattle, I’m exploring the city, finding my favorite places and sharing them here.


In January, I’ll be exploring Seattle one coffee cup at a time, and I started my journey today at Chocolati Cafe in Wallingford.


Given that it was my first time going there, I tried out one of their signature hot chocolate flavors, the Turtle Hot Chocolate. The barista even drew a cute little turtle on my cup!


They also had a bunch of different truffles on sale and they weren’t too expensive, so I decided to try out their Hazelnut truffle


I LOVED the richness of the hot chocolate! Every sip was like a sip of rich, chocolatey velvet. I loved the richness and milkiness of this hot chocolate: it made it way better than the watered-down kind that you get at chain coffee places and fast-food joints.

I tried one of their drip coffees too, and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite either. I thought that it had a chocolately flavor, a relatively pleasant aroma, as moderate in acidity level and I’m guessing was a washed-process coffee because it had a lighter body overall. If I come back, I’d definitely get a hot chocolate over the coffee.


I brought Jade along for this first adventure, and I learned that Americans are much more judgemental than tourists in NZ. I took her out and put her on the table, and the guy sitting behind us was giving me a “What the hell are you doing”/ “Who in their right mind does that” look. I had to have my sister move so that her face was right in front of his and his judgement would be blocked out.


Overall, I would say that this is a great place to come if you ever have a craving for chocolate, need to be somewhere cozy on a cold day, or want to catch up with a friend! I know I’ll be coming back here to try out some of their other hot chocolates and truffles!

Next week I’m taking this exploration back home, to Federal Way. Right now, the plan is to try a cup of Gravity coffee. I’ve tried their London Fog before (which was delicious!), but this time I’m going to try their coffee.