New Zealand Day 11

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After getting home at 1 AM from the sunset last night, I felt like I was way too tired to do ANYTHING. Don’t get me wrong- Cape Reinga is probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to in New Zealand, and I’ve talked about a lot of beautiful places while I’ve been travel blogging. But for anyone who wishes to come here in the future, I would recommend making the trip there an entire day’s event! Don’t just go for the sunset- I’d have loved to sit there for hours, just watching that beautiful view of the ocean, and i would have wanted to visit the light house down there too.

Today was our last full day in New Zealand! Despite making efficient use of our time during this trip, I feel like there is still so much we have left to see!

In the morning we took a cruise around the Bay of Islands in a boat called the Dolphin Seeker. We left from Paihia and sailed to the island with the Hole in the Rock.

Of course my favorite part of that trip was getting to see Dolphins! I got a few photos when they came up close to our boat.

I absolutely love traveling in the sea, even though I often get seasick when the boat moves around too much. Today the water changed from a Jade/ Sea Green to blue to a deep ocean blue as we got deeper into the water.

As more and more sunlight caught the waves, they began to sparkle!

The other highlight of the trip was getting to getting to go through the Hole in the Rock. This Hole was carved in the rock by the water itself, over millions of years.

On our ride through the sound we also got to see a lighthouse that has been maintained in its original form. Apparently tourists can stay in this lighthouse for $15 NZ a night, but you have to take an 8 hour hike through the islands to get there.

After our cruise through the islands we stopped in town to grab a bite to eat. I have a reallyyy big sweet tooth so my favorite part of the meal was definitely dessert! We went to this cute little ice cream shop called Cellini’s.

I needed a little bit of chocolate in my life today so I tried out their cookies and cream, but if I could go back I’d definitely have tried their Manuka Honey and almond flavor (manuka honey is really expensive and a specialty in New Zealand!)

Our last stop of the trip is Aukland. On the way there, we stopped by Wharangei Falls. This was another place where I would have loved to spend more time. We even saw a rainbow over the falls!

Tomorrow we will be leaving from Aukland back to Seattle! Even though I’m looking forward to going home, New Zealand is definitely a place that I’m looking forward to coming back to- I’ve learned so much during my short two weeks here! As we wrap up this trip, I’ve started putting together a list of all the lessons I’ve learned while on this trip and I’ll be sharing that soon so stay tuned!