New Zealand Day 12

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During our last day in New Zealand we hit town in Aukland. Aukland is unlike every other city in New Zealand in that it’s actually a big metropolis, and it actually really resembles Seattle.

One of my mom’s really good friends lives in Aukland so she was our tour guide today, probably the best we could have asked for. Our first stop of the day was the Sky Tower, which gives a view of the entire city. We got a 360 of Aukland and from up there.

We learned that Aukland is surrounded by 55 volcanoes. The youngest one, still hundreds of years old, can be seen from the sky tower.

We also hit the local beach and got our last scoop of ice cream. I was really hopi my that this place had the manuka honey flavor but sadly it didn’t so I went for chocolate ecstasy instead.

After enjoying a cup of chai at our friend’s house, we headed to the airport and now I’m sitting here writing this blog post.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in New Zealand. I loved that the atmosphere here promotes relaxation, I only wish we had done just that a little bit more. I don’t regret a single part of this trip, because I learned something about this beautiful country in every place we went (more on that in another post)

New Zealand is was built for taking time to enjoy yourself- everything about the country screams that, from the green fields to the relaxed nature of those who live there and to the fact that all shops close right around 4 or 5 PM. There is so much to see here, my one regret is that we didn’t take as much time as I would have liked to enjoy everything completely. Everyday we woke up around 5-6 AM and were traveling for the entire day and didn’t get to sleep until 10 or 11 PM. Some people like to see as much as possible, but I’m one of those people who is content with not seeing everything but taking time to sit back, relax and enjoy my time and the people I’m with as much as I can while I’m traveling. I don’t think I got to do that this time as much.

I would have wanted to take an entire day at Cape Reinga, for example, and spend time watching the meeting of the two seas. I would have wanted to take a day to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL night sky here- we even got to see the Milky Way!

I also regret that we didn’t see any Kiwi birds during our visit! There are a protected species so they can only be found in certain areas, but you can’t just leave the island of Kiwis without even seeing a Kiwi am I right?!?

The next time I come back (and I will be back!), I also want to have a chance to Kayak across the New Zealand water ways and relax in a thermal spring, both things we didn’t get to do during this visit. But at least now I have things to look forward to for next time!

As we close out this trip, I have lots of recommendations for things to see, random facts to remember and recognize for anyone who wants to travel to NZ. That’s coming up in a future post