New Zealand Day 7

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Traveling is by far one of my favorite things to do, but it’s also EXHAUSTING. Most of the time when my family makes trips like these, it’s not about sunbathing in paradise but more about seeing EVERYTHING in paradise. But since everything is closed today since it’s Christmas I’m glad we took this opportunity to actually sleep in and have a day off. Nevertheless, it’s not like I’m coming back to Wellington any time soon, so I’m glad that we took a short drive around the city to learn a little bit more about our surroundings.

There would have been many places I’d love to have visited if they’d actually been open today. There is this place called Mt. Victoria that has a lookout point over the entire city. We drove along the coastline though, which had many beautiful beaches. We also learned that many penguins live along this coast. We were hoping to see some, but we learned that they are mostly ever out at night.

Something I thought was unusual about Wellington was the lack of Christmas decor. Back home in Seattle and in virtually every city in the U.S, the whole city is decked out in lights and decorations, but in the entire city of Wellington there were absolutely no decorations. Now I’m curious to know why.

In any case, we will be leaving tomorrow for Waitomo to see some glow worm caves. I can’t believe we only have four more days left in this beautiful country! I’m excited for the rest of our journey and everything we are going to see next.