Teaching and Mentoring

One of my long-term schools is to teach and mentor students to become excellent at anything they choose to do, whether it’s research or anything else. Luckily, I’ve been able start practicing this skill during my undergraduate.

Odegaard Writing and Research Center

In my sophomore and junior years of undergraduate, I’ve worked at Odegaard Writing and Research Center as a tutor. My tutoring experience, and specifically my experience as a Peer tutor, taught me that teaching is a collaborative process. From working with Psychology students who are taking their first Research Methods and Writing class, to working Master’s students in the Theater department, to helping new Engineering students writing their personal statements, every conversation I’ve had has taught me about a new perspective through which someone views the world. I’ve learned about the vast variety of research that happens at the University of Washington. I’ve even learned about different opportunities which I’ve later tried to take part in through these experiences. More than anything, I’ve learned to improve my own writing style.

During my senior year, I was promoted to the position of Peer Mentor. In this role, I’ve had the opportunity to continue tutoring students, and to mentor tutors who work in our Center. In this role, I’ve had the opportunity to improve my leadership skills. Every quarter, I lead 5 small-group discussions with other tutors that are focused on reflecting on our tutoring, and working collaboratively to discuss and about the on-going issues in student writing we see during tutoring. These discussions translate to improving the overall quality of the work we do as tutors. I also work with the Director and Coordinator to organize the three quarterly staff meetings, and other events such as holiday parties and more.

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