What is Science Fun for Everyone?

Science Fun for Everyone (@sciencefunforeveryone) is an IG account and passion project. It is inspired by the question:

What can researchers, educators, and policymakers do to inspire everyone to have a love for science?

Plenty of research shows that kids naturally think like scientists. They are naturally curious, they develop the ability to think causally when they are just 2.5 years old, and even parents recognize that everyday activities can be viewed through a scientific lens (see Silander et al., 2018).

Yet, so many parents and educators struggle to teach children science, and the NGSS policies only scaffold science learning starting from when children are in Kindergarten.

The goal of this account is to figure out ways ways to encourage families to talk about science at home: How can simple activities like watching a plant grow, cooking, changing a light bulb, or cleaning the house be used to talk about science?

When I started this account in February, I was marketing it towards an audience that seemed to already have an appreciation for science and it’s presence in everyday life. Right now, I’m taking a pause to figure out how I can use this account to make science more visible, which is the true purpose.

I’m always open to feedback! If you’re interested in the project, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts 🙂