Welcome to my website!

I’m Aarti. I grew up in the Seattle area and completed my B.S. Psychology at the University of Washington (June 2019). I’m currently completing my M.S. Psychology at Villanova University (Expected September 2021). As of September 2021, I’m a PhD student at Boston University, in the department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (Developmental Science division).

My research examines children’s cognitive development in everyday, informal learning contexts (gardening, helping a parent fix things around the house, while exploring a museum exhibit and more). This also includes their ability to identify quality explanations for scientific phenomena and mechanisms, and their ability to remember and apply these explanations in their lives.

I’m also interested in the social side of learning: when, and how, do children begin to think of themselves as capable of science? How can children learn from informal and everyday situations? Other interests of mine include public understanding of science and trust in science.

My broader goal is to help ensure that all children have access to quality science education, starting from their early years. Outside of cognitive development research, I’m also interested in learning about education policy, the philosophy of science and statistics.

Outside of the research, I love exploring new cities/places, spending time with others and frequenting cafes 🙂

Contact: abodas@bu.edu