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Background and Interests

I spent the first two years of my undergrad dabbling in different fields, and I think that this was because I found everything so interesting, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to focus on. For my first two quarters, I was set on pursuing an engineering degree. While I loved my engineering classes, but I realized engineering was not the field I’d most enjoy working in. I tried pre-med, but after completing introductory chemistry and biology courses, I realized that this was not the right path for me either. In my third year of college, I’m taking both psychology and global health coursework, though the emphasis is on psychology coursework.

My current research interests include developmental and evolutionary psychology. My work as a Research Assistant and Honor’s student in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab allows me to pursue both of these interests. The project I’m currently working on focuses on distributive fairness expectations in infants and young children.

Curriculum Vitae

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